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Big Brake Kit Fitment Check

It is crucial to check the vehicle and the parts on the vehicle to make sure that the brakes will fit.

Brakes are placed in a very confined space. Unlike brakes, aero pieces like spoilers, and splitters can extend as far as the sanctioning league rules or good taste will allow.  There isn't anything physically stopping the size of such modifications.  

Brakes exist in the space between the wheels and the hub on a vehicle.  On the inboard side, there are suspension pieces.  The diameter of the brakes can't exceed the inner diameter of the wheel used, and  the inside spokes of the wheels limit how wide the brake calipers can be.  In this confined space StopTech produces brakes are larger than stock brakes to provide more performance.  

Space for the calipers varies by wheel design.  Two wheels with the same offset, same diameter, and same width will yield two different fitments.  One that does fit over the brakes, and one that does not.  For that reason it is crucial to use the wheel fitment templates to check whether a wheel will fit over the brakes for your specific application.


To start, a general guideline is that StopTech® kits usually require the following:

  • 328mm rotor (12.9") - minimum 17" wheel

  • 332mm rotor (13.1") - minimum 17" wheel

  • 355mm rotor (14") - minimum 18" wheel

  • 380mm rotor (15") - minimum 19" wheel


Access the wheel fitment templates through the  quick look-up.