StopTech designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty brake components for military, armored and other specialty vehicle applications.  Armoring, increased length and special equipment may double the curb weight of one of these vehicles. The added weight means these vehicles will require much higher thermal capacity in the braking system.  

To meet the unique challenges these vehicles present, StopTech incorporates specific design aspects to manage the heat generated.  StopTech rotors, with their patented AeroVane internal vane design can flow air up to 61 percent better than stock brake rotors. Better airflow means better cooling, and better cooling means less brake fade. Having brakes perform well every single time is critical no matter the type of vehicle driven, especially in this vehicle segment.

Larger calipers with optimized piston sizing are another carefully engineered aspect of StopTech Specialty Brake Kits. StopTech's 2-piece calipers resist yaw with StopTech's patented bridge and high carbon steel bolts making them stiffer than even some monobloc calipers on the market.

The goal of StopTech engineers is to as closely as possible simulate the same driving experience found in the base vehicles. Even though vehicle weight may have doubled over the standard vehicle, brake pedal feel, vehicle stability, stopping power and durability need to match or exceed the factory system. Drivers should be able to pilot these vehicles in the same manner as they would a stock truck or SUV, with similar stopping distances, pedal feel and fade resistance.

StopTech has been engineering such systems for several years, with numerous satisfied clients in the private and public sectors.