Research and Development Test Vehicles Wanted

  1. Vehicle must be made available for at least one business day at our Southern California testing facility.
  2. Must be made available for a potential second visit for part fitting and testing.
  3. Stock suspension is preferred.
  4. Wheels must fit over big brake kits for road tests.
2016 TOY Land Cruiser
2016 LEX LX570
2011+ JEEP WRANGLER Factory Height
2012+ NIS GT-R
1999-2004 FOR MUSTANG Cobra, Bullit, Mach1 or Centennial Edition
2013+  JEEP GrandCherokee  
2016 HON CIVIC Sedan
2009-2014 HON FIT

Conditions of Use

  1. The vehicle must be in completely stock condition for product development. (Some exceptions made for light modifications)
  2. Lender must provide transportation for the vehicle to and from STOPTECH’s Southern California location.
  3. STOPTECH will not provide any rental car to the lender for any reason.
  4. STOPTECH may borrow the vehicle at least 2 times(1 business day per) for measurement, test fitment, and test drive (street and freeway only).
  5. Lender must agree that images or visual/audio likeness of the vehicle may be posted on STOPTECH website or other STOPTECH media distribution channel.
  6. Vehicle will be inspected by both lender and STOPTECH staff before and after testing to ensure that no damage was caused by STOPTECH. All prior damage will be documented by STOPTECH and documentation will be signed for by lender.
  7. STOPTECH does not guarantee to provide a proto-type/mass production product to the lender.
  8. In the case of damage to any part of the vehicle caused during testing, it is the Lender’s sole responsibility to claim all damages at the time of pick up only. No damage claims will be valid once the vehicle leaves the premises. STOPTECH will repair only the damaged parts claimed at the time of pick up. Lender cannot request for repairs on damaged parts not caused during testing.
  9. STOPTECH does not guarantee or warranty the proto-type products. Lender assumes all responsibilities for using the proto-type products.
  10. Lender is responsible to check all lug nuts and bolts for tightness. STOPTECH is not responsible for any damages incurred to vehicle.
  11. STOPTECH will reserve the right to choose the lender for R&D test vehicles.
In exchange the vehicle owner will be given an opportunity to acquire products for the development vehicle at discount prices.

If interested, please email to with the vehicle's year/make/model/trim and a representative will contact you.